Online Marketing

Online Advertising, Pay-Per-Click Management

Why Online Marketing?


Everyday, millions of consumers and businesses turn to the Internet to actively search for products and services just like yours. Of this number, hundreds and even thousands are searching directly from within the zip codes and geographic areas where you would most like to do business.

Here at ZG Interactive, we specialize in cost-effectively delivering these prospects to you in the form of qualified leads by strategically inserting your advertising message into relevant search engine results at the precise moment users are typing keywords that match your business.

This form of advertising, also know as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, allows you to target prospects that have already pre-qualified themselves by typing in keywords and phrases that match your business and products.

For example, if you’re a bathroom remodeler who works in the Washington DC area, a local homeowner who types the word “bathroom remodeling contractor” into an Internet search is a high-value prospect for you. They’ve taken the time to stop what they’re doing; they’ve sat down at a computer, and with great intentionality, have then chosen to ask for information on contractors with your exact specialty. Now it’s time to capture their attention and drive them to your website and your phone lines, and that’s right where we take over.

By creating, managing, and implementing every aspect of your online marketing from start-to-finish, we not only deliver prospects in the exact geographic areas that work for your business, we follow and convert each lead along the sales cycle with powerful click-tracking software and call tracking phone numbers to record leads that move off-line to live phone calls.